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What I did

Art direction, Design, Information Architecture, User Testing, Stakeholder Workshops

Project Summary

An iOS and Android platform for grassroots sports administrators, fans, participants and parents to have quick access to their sports fixtures, results and to facilitate communication between team administration and players.

Due to confidentiality not all details and processes can be disclosed
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The challenge

Grassroots sport can be difficult to manage and maintain. SportsTG/Fox Sports maintained the centralised database of local sports fixtures and were a reference point for administrators. The user problem that they wanted to solve were the other challenges of maintining a grassroots team - training days, game days, player numbers, last minute fill ins, working out who is playing and who is on the bench or out. They wanted a single app that could be used from an administration side and also from a player or parents side. Starting with a Lean Canvas we went to work validating the app idea and starting on the design.

What we did

Starting the discovery phase with insights from Sports TG we begain by crafting hypothetical personas. We had four distinct profiles - A coach, an over 18's player, an under 18's player and a parent of an under 18's player. We worked on the IA and the user flows - seeing how it would work and look for each profile. Using a molecular design system we worked immediately in stakeholder co-design sessions producing high fidelity prototypes - allowing us to rapidly protoype, test, and fail. We also kicked off a technical discovery phase to understand feasibility and constraints.

The outcome

With multiple stakeholders and departments involved in the co-design and ideation sessions there were many features of the app that needed to prioritised/decomissioned. An overly complicated app with too many features would not have worked well with the Sports TG audience and we workshopped user journey maps to discover the essential features that were needed. We learnt that communication was key. The administration needed full visbility on players attendance and required the ability to send out information on the day. Push notifications were a central component of this app - along with an intuitive interface for one of our personas that was identified as having a low level of technical literacy. Currently the Sports TG app boasts a user base of 5.8 million.

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